Seed Bank Reviews

With strict international laws governing the sale of marijuana and cannabis seeds, online seed banks have begun fulfilling a need of discreet and anonymous delivery to independent and dispensary growers. Seed banks offer a variety of marijuana strains and sometimes send “sample packs” to growers looking to investigate a strain’s quality before they commit to growing.

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Discreet Delivery

Most online seed banks have their own signature methods for discreet delivery. The questionable legal nature of delivering cannabis seeds across state or international borders causes concern for many buyers. Using nondescript packaging and sealant, many cannabis seed deliveries are made without any significant company logo on the package to disseminate the contents of the package. Additionally, scent proof and x-ray proof containers are sometimes used for larger orders to ensure package contents aren’t tampered with.


Recently, dispensaries have started offering multiple payment methods to help combat fears of seed orders being tracked by either your bank or by the government. Paying with credit card is an option, but most seed dispensaries offer alternate and more private payment methods (like prepaid Visa cards, Bitcoin and even cash) to ensure anonymity.


Some states in the United States and some countries around the world have legalized growing marijuana for certified dispensaries and for personal use. Ordering cannabis seeds online legally can only be done by those with the legal right in their residence to grow cannabis. Seed banks usually cannot ensure safe delivery to persons without the legal right to grow their own cannabis plants.

Most online seed banks are headquartered in Canada, the United Kingdom, or in the Netherlands because of their decriminalized status of growing small amounts of cannabis for personal medicinal use.


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