Buying Cannabis Seeds Online Legal?

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The legality of buying cannabis seeds online for growing in a personal garden is fairly vague in most places, including the United States where possessing marijuana is illegal in most states. The states of Washington and Colorado have made recreational marijuana use legal, but shops that sell it need licenses. The following is a list of places with confirmed status on buying or selling cannabis seeds for the purpose of growing marijuana.

  • United States – illegal
  • United Kingdom – legal
  • Belgium – illegal
  • Austria – legal
  • Canada – legal
  • Ireland – legal
  • Japan – illegal
  • Norway – illegal
  • Romania – no legal status

You can easily purchase cannabis seeds, but it is illegal to germinate the seeds without a license.

The first step is to find a reputable seed bank. There are many sites dedicated to listing reliable seed banks and pointing out fraudulent ones. Look at our seed bank reviews and talk to people who have bought from the seed banks in the past. It is important to find out how the seeds are shipped so they will not be stopped or seized at customs. Many of the seed banks are outside of the United States, but there are plenty that ship to the U.S.

Seed banks that legally sell the seeds will ship to the US, saying they are sold as a souvenir or a novelty items and that you can not legally germinate or grow the seeds (yeah right!).

Reputable seed banks typically discuss how the packages will arrive safely and not be seized by customs, or if they are, the company will send a new package. However, as a customer, it is important to take steps to avoid having seeds seized or getting in other trouble. Even if a seed bank ships to a certain location, it does not necessarily mean that possessing seeds is legal, so in most cases, assume that it is not and take the following precautions.

Tips for buying Weed Seeds Online

Do not tell anyone about growing marijuana. Most growers get caught this way, through someone they have told telling the wrong people. More growers are caught this way versus having seed packages intercepted.

Do not have the seeds shipped to the growing address. It is important that the shipment location and growing location are not connected. Assuming the seed bank has discrete packaging, the seeds can be shipped to a friend’s house or even a business. Some people go as far as having it shipped to a vacant house and tracking it.

Prepaid credit cards can no longer be used. Some shops accept payment systems such as Bitcoin or bank transfers. In most cases, using a credit card is the only viable option. The other thing to be aware of is international payment policies. Sometimes banks flag international transactions as a rule and some banks also charge for them.

Do not order large amounts of seed at one time from one vendor. Not only will it look more suspicious, but if it is seized, the loss is much greater. Many seed banks provide tips and tricks on how to safely order seeds from their shops.

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