Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds Best?

feminized seeds

Marijuana is very easy to germinate and grow from seeds . One of the latest trends is the use of “feminized” Cannabis seeds. Feminized Cannabis seeds are found at most of the top seed banks and are one of the latest trends that show great promise in terms of more efficient production, and should be considered by serious growers looking for maximum yields.

Most people with a rudimentary understanding of marijuana, understand that both male and female plants exist and are necessary for propagation. However, this isn’t entirely true. While both a male and female plant are required for seed production, many plants have the ability to be both male and female at any given time. This is one feature that makes marijuana such a hardy survivor.

In desperate times, certain female plants have the ability to produce male stamen in order to self-pollinate and produce seeds. These are usually called hermaphrodite plants. Some plants are better able to do this than others. Over time, plants that reproduce this way become dominant, leading to crops that are almost all female at inception.

budsCareful selection of plants propagated this way can eventually lead to feminized seeds that never go through the hermaphrodite stage and remain female throughout their life. In terms of maximum resin production, this is highly desired.

The advantage of using seeds that have been “feminized” in this way should be obvious. Since most, and usually all, of the seedlings will be female, there is no danger of wasting time and resources on less-valuable male plants. The young female plants will grow and mature as normal, producing what one would expect from a female plant not exposed to male pollen. The buds will continue to grow and form, producing more resin as they become desperate to reproduce.

For growers who want to produce their own seeds for future crops, “feminized” seeds that retain the hermaphrodite tendencies are available. These plants will spend most of their lives as normal female plants, producing as expected. Then, the plant will reach the final stage of desperation and produce male flowers in order to pollinate itself. Left to continue, seeds will be produced for the next year’s crop.

High Times did a comparison grow with 5 “feminized” AK seeds vs 6 “regular” AK seeds.  The regular were harvested at 63 days and the feminized at 69 days, so the feminized took about a week longer but were much larger in size.

Main points in the study:

  • No difference in the buds in terms of odor or high.
  • Feminized plants need 1 extra flowering week
  • Regular plants will be taller
  • Average yield for regular seeds: 91grams
  • Average yield for feminized seeds: 103.4grams
  • Height for  regular plants: 34″-40″
  • Height for feminized plants: 25″-34″

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