Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Cannabis, or Marijuana, is a flowering plant originally native to Central and South Asia. Historical use of this plant includes hemp fiber, oils, treatment for medicinal purposes, as well as a recreational drug. Although its use has been restricted, recent changes to legislation in some states allows limited use of this plant, for medicinal use only. As a result of “Medical Marijuana” laws, online seed bank businesses are currently thriving.

Buying high quality cannabis seeds is essential to the quality of one’s crop. Just consider: all of the DNA for the entire plant, including how it grows and behaves in different conditions, is contained in a single tiny seed.

discreet shipping

Discreet shipping packages are always used.  Some “stealth services” are very tricky and include a cheap product (like a velcro wallet) with your seeds hidden inside.

Shipping of Your Seed Order

All seed banks send your seeds in the mail with “stealth” delivery.  Your order will be sent out within 1 day, but deliver times are somewhat slow (5-30 days) due to the fact they are coming from a different countries.  Weeds seeds coming from Amsterdam and going to Spain may take 6 days, while seeds from Amsterdam delivering to the USA may take up to 20-25 days – but I’ve received my UK orders in as little as 8 days.  Candian Seed bank orders to the USA usually come in at around 10 days.

Trustworthy Seed Banks

Most of the online seed banks are located in the UK, Netherlands and Canada and they ship ANYWHERE worldwide in a nice private and average looking discreet package.  Purchasing cannabis seeds online is not legal in all countries. and in the United States it is not legal in all states.

Legal sales of cannabis seeds is relatively new, and although this market is exploding, it currently exists mainly as a cottage industry. What this means to the buyer, is that there are few sellers with solid, long-term reputations. First-time ordering doesn’t have to be a risk, however. Read online reviews, ask for references, etc. If you know of anyone who has ordered with a particular e-store, ask them about their experience with that seller.

Due to the potentially sensitive nature of buying cannabis, you should probably familiarize yourself with the store’s privacy policy. Reputable online stores will always disclose their policy about how they collect data from their customers, and what they do with it. Most online cannabis seed banks belong to a web-seal approval or trust mark program. These programs follow rules for the custodial care of information. Be sure that the store from whom you are purchasing has a privacy policy. Ask the e-store if they plan to use your information beyond the purchase transaction, for examle emailing you about updates, promotions, etc. A few e-stores share information with third party merchants.

Although easy and convenient, online shopping can be tricky. Purchasing directly from a supplier, doesn’t provide you with any type of buyer’s protection. Some online cannabis seed banks do accept credit card or even PayPal, which can assist you if you experience any disputes. Additionally, you may want to use a credit card with fraud protection.  Using bitcoin for payment isn’t a bad idea, but there will be zero help with disputes.  Buy from a Quality seed bank with a good reputation to reduce your risk.

After You Receive Your Seeds

After purchasing your seeds, of course you’ll want to plant them. The germination process starts in about 12 hours, but can take up to 8 days. With enough heat and water, the embryonic leaves should start to emerge in 2 to 4 days (after germination).

Next, the seedling stage will begin to show itself when the seed coat splits open and exposes the root and round seed leaves. This period usually lasts from 1 to 4 weeks. This time is when the plant is most vulnerable, requiring the perfect amounts of humidity, light, and soil. If you can bring your plants along to this point, you should be fine, as they will start to grow, and most likely thrive.

The online seed bank will most likely provide you with growing instructions, as they want you to be successful; however, if you require additional advice for growing your plants, there is more than sufficient amounts of information available on the net.

Many are of the opinion that everyone should be able to have access to great selections of popular, flavorful, medicinal and fresh varieties of cannabis. Fortunately for seed seekers, online stores have never been more available or plentiful. Think about it — just simply purchasing and planting a few seeds (indoors or directly in the ground if you live in a warm climate), can bring you a year-round, fresh harvest of cannabis. You could almost think of these plants as weeds a they require very little attention and with just a little bit of care, will easily grow. Buying from an online seed bank is the perfect way to secure a supply — and with just a bit of research and caution, you could secure yourself a bountiful harvest.